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Relationship Info: All You Need For Healthy Bonds

Although relationship advice for women and men may vary, there are lots of things in common. Making strong bonds may require some time, but alas, things go differently, which might be disappointing. Some people find themselves exhausted because the relationship problems they have been through may be too hard to overcome. So, giving up might become the last and the only resort. Is it possible to make a relationship last longer and happier? Thanks to many approaches and studies, maintaining a relationship becomes one of the most discussed and searched topics online, as people try to seek solutions to their problems in relationships.

Solutions exist, but the main problem of people nowadays is that being overwhelmed with emotions, they rush things, not being aware that their partner may not be ready for a relationship venture. Thus, before delving into some tips and advice regarding a successful relationship, the main thing is to be mentally ready for such a challenge. Don’t forget that creating a bond is a game of two players. So, there is no point giving advice when one of the players isn’t ready to play.  Life can be harsh sometimes, but your patience and perseverance will help you sort things out and save your relationship only if both of you are ready for that.

Best Relationship Advice: 5 elements of relationships

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Definitely, emotional bonding is the beginning of any relationship, and thus, every good relationship starts with sentiments. In other words, there should be mutual feelings; at least, you should like each other. When in a relationship, there are 5 key principles that you should be aware of.


If you stick to the opinion that a relationship implies intimacy only, you may be wrong since the main part of a relationship is communication. The way you communicate determines the success of your relationship. On some platforms, the best relationship advice you’ll find is about improving communication. For example, does your partner hear you? It’s not about a physical ability to discern sounds, but it’s more about whether you can convey your ideas and to what extent you are understood by your partner.

What’s more, you should ask whether you’re a good listener. It’s not enough to be heard, as the ability to hear and listen will make your bonds stronger. Simply put, one of the main components of any relationship is communication, which turns out to be the most critical aspect in relationship advice and tips.


Communication is strengthened by respect. You may have heard a cliché thing that it should be mutual. However, it’s always true as respect is something partners should not lose. According to some people, when in a relationship, they can lose affection and emotional bond, but if they don’t lose respect, their relationship may continue.

It is hard to discuss to what extent this is true, and there are even those believing that love is limited, but respect shouldn’t be. However, the core idea here is that if you want to keep your relationship stable, respect is a must. Be sure that respect is mutual as once again it’s worth noting that bond is a game of two players. 


No matter how you love your partner or vice versa, giving space is critical since too much care or support might be strangling that person. Such a smothering effect of a relationship isn’t something rare as people don’t find space for being alone and time to think. Thus, you need to set rigid boundaries when in a relationship and make sure your partner knows about them.

Such boundaries aren’t simply about setting some limits, but they are about giving space to each other. Such boundaries show that you have a clearer understanding of each other’s needs, which is worth respect. So, if you plan something from scratch, your first relationship advice could be that you should know your boundaries.


Have you ever heard about a toxic relationship? From the name, it’s clear that they are not something good to continue with. Unfortunately, there can be some bonds that should be stopped as they may harm more. But why does it happen? One of the main reasons is to start a relationship without trusting each other.

Like respect, trust is a must in any loving and lasting relationship. Without it, your bond is condemned to end painfully. Thus, if you plan to have a healthy relationship, you should trust your match unconditionally. Unfortunately, one of the leading reasons for breakups is a lack of trust. 


Support isn’t a new relationship piece of advice. Actually, one of the main components of a relationship is your partner’s support. Of course, there are many types of support, but the main one is emotional. Your match should feel that despite anything bad, you will be by their side.

Simply put, all these 5 elements of a relationship are the best advice you can start with. Now that you know that love by itself won’t be enough, you can be smarter when it comes to creating a new relationship. If you’re already in a relationship right now, you should ask whether you :

  • have a good and efficient communication;
  • respect each other’s space and privacy;
  • trust and believe in each other;
  • support and help each other;
  • have mutual respect.

Relationship advice: features of toxic relationship

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Before you learn some important tips on relationships, why not consider what a toxic relationship is? Here are signs that your relationship goes in an abject manner that can ruin your happy life as a couple:

  • control: there are individuals tending to control everything in a relationship, and of course, it may lead to detrimental outcomes. Such obsession with controlling everything is due to distrust or  jealousy. If one of the partners starts controlling you too much, it means you should start worrying as, at some point, you can have problems that will be hard to overcome in the future.
  • hostility: being aggressive and spending time arguing can ruin everything. One of the reasons why relationships can tire people is that there’s hostility between people. By no means should you allow hostility and aggression in your relationship, neither from your partner’s nor from your side.
  • intimidation: this happens when males want to intimidate their female partners, which  leads to a fearful relationship. Instead of mutual feelings like love, sympathy, trust, etc., people get relationships based on fear, which won’t last long. Alas, female partners could be scared to leave their partners.  
  • violence: one of the main problems in a relationship is violence that is silent and not seen.  Even those loving each other may become victims of violence. Is there any solution to that problem? It’s hard to come up with something efficient that will prevent violence, and if it persists, the best way is to end such a relationship.
  • disrespect: instead of respect, some couples may show disrespect towards each other. It means there’s almost nothing to save this bond, and if you feel disrespect from your partner, learn the cause of such demeanor. However, if that continues, it means the countdown has begun as breakup becomes imminent.  

New relationship advice: what you need to know when starting a new relationship

If you are about to start a new relationship, you may benefit from the key principles described above. What’s more, you should take the following relationship tips and advice into account as well:

  • don’t focus on the past: you may have heard a lot about the past. For example, there’s such a saying that past is history, future is a mystery, and present is a gift. Actually, not a bad piece of advice. When you start a new relationship, be sure you are not stuck with your past, which can be harmful indeed.  
  • focus more on the future: instead of focusing on the past, you may focus on the future, but be careful. Many online relationship advice platforms may suggest that talking about the future may enhance your relationship, but don’t overdo that. Be sure that your partner is ready to discuss that with you.
  • love an individual, not the relationship: one of the best relationship tips is to love your partner, but not the idea of being in a relationship. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend might be trendy, but that shouldn’t be your motivation to create a relationship with someone.
  • sex talk is a must: never avoid sex talks as your expectations might be different. For some people, sex is a must in a relationship, whereas others don’t think about that. Thus, communication can help you with this issue.
  • socialize: once you engage in a relationship, you should socialize together. For example, meet friends of your partner and tell your friends about your partner. Meet and have fun together since such type of socializing is useful to make your relationship even stronger.
  • don’t text over important issues: texting has become one of the main ways of communication, when by means of simple text messages people inform each other about important things. Never over text your crush, and if you have something serious to talk about, set up a face-to-face meeting.

Online relationship advice

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One of the most common relationship types is an online one. Many people opt for online dating as such options offer more than real dating. Instead of facing fiascos or trying to be liked by someone in vain, come to online platforms offering a unique solution. You simply find the person that can like or love you without extra effort.

  • don’t over-communicate: when dating online, your communication will be a decisive factor regarding how far you’ll go, so don’t overdo that. It’s important that the desire to chat and communicate should be a mutual one.
  • see it as an opportunity: finding someone is a chance given by the site, so don’t lose it. Everything is in your hands, and thus, value every moment you spend with your special person.
  • share your expectations: always make sure that your partner is aware of your plans. Although online, communication remains one of the main components in relationships.
  • communicate regularly: instead of spending hours chatting online, try to do that regularly so that it can become some kind of hobby. When this becomes not enough, it will signal that it’s high time to meet in real life.  
  • share a lot in common: trying to find something common like a hobby or interests. If there is nothing like that, try to create common activities and there will be something to talk about.

Bottom line

Loving somebody may not be enough to create bonds with that person. The best piece of relationship advice is about making sure that both of you are ready for such a venture. Happiness is something you should strive for.

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