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How to find a wife: Your guide 2021

Nowadays, finding a good wife is not that easy. Men complain about women being spoiled while women complain about men being lazy and not active. Everyone is looking for his perfect life partner but sometimes, the search turns into a real challenge.

How to find a good wife then and is it possible at all? Of course, it is and below, you will find out about all the tricks. Keep reading carefully, memorize, and make your conclusions. It might not be as tough as you think.

Don’t be obsessed with that idea

It is difficult when you are single for a long time, but it is necessary not to be obsessed with the idea of finding your wife. When people want something too much, they make lots of mistakes on their way to that goal. You should always keep your goal in mind but never become obsessive with the idea.

The reason is you don’t have a lot of common sense when wanting something very much. You are not able to think soberly and evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the person. For the same reason, there are so many divorces in the world nowadays.

When you want to find a wife, let the process be natural and smooth. Remember that everything happens at the right time. You will find your wife when it’s time to find her. The most important thing is to recognize your partner instead of rushing into things too quickly.

How to find a wife online

find a wife online free

The online world is incredible. It allows communicating with each other, exchanging files, dating, and even finding your future wife. For many modern people, it is much easier to meet their life partners online than in real life nowadays.

It’s no wonder since people are too busy to hang out and spend quality time together. If you are one of such busy or shy guys who struggle with seeing girls in real life, you may consider looking for a wife online also.

However, there is a range of rules to stick to if you don’t want to spend years online without any success, and here is your guide. Check the tips and make sure to adjust them to your needs and personal expectations.

Pick a reputable service

If you are not looking for hookups or endless correspondence but a life partner and future wife, you should pick a good service at once. A reputable dating site or even matchmaking service is a half success. If you pick not a serious site where women are not looking for marriage initially, you will never find a wife.

Pay attention to the domain, reviews, testimonials, customer support. If possible, use recommendations of your friends or relatives who also used the service and succeeded. The site operating for a year and more should have certain results already. If there are no reviews or testimonials, it is suspicious.

Create a decent profile

Your profile is your face so to say. Everything about it should tell that you are looking for a wife and not just video chats or message exchange. First of all, make sure to post a good and appealing picture. It should not be a professional or ID photo. Just a normal everyday-life picture would be fine.

Make sure to be alone in your photo, especially if you have many pictures in the surrounding of women. Potential spouses will not understand it and consider you to be a womanizer. You should not leave your profile empty either. Women searching for husbands also want to see whether you are a good candidate.

If your profile is empty, they will not be able to evaluate their chances with you. You pick a woman by her pictures and profile description, so give your potential spouses the same chance to choose you.

Forget about your ideals

how to find a good wife

Do you know why many people fail to find their spouses? They have images of their perfect partners in their heads and are looking for them only. However, such ideals often disappoint and appear to be not as expected.

It is recommended not to stick to one picture and look for just a good person. For example, you have always dreamt of a tall blonde lady who would necessarily be a model or a pianist. How big are your chances to marry such a woman?

The chances to find a wife who would match these criteria are almost zero, so don’t create any perfect partners in your head and, moreover, don’t look for women of certain appearances or professions. You should look for inner qualities first of all, and your soulmate doesn’t have to look like the picture in your mind.

Be realistic

When looking for a wife online, you should be realistic always. Remember that you are looking for a wife, not for a beautiful cover. An online search can be very tricky, there are so many beautiful and young women on every site. You may think why look for a woman of your age if there are so many young model-looking girls online?

Now forget about all the beautiful covers, fancy profiles, and sociable girls who send you tons of messages and want to chat. You are not looking for a cover or decoration but a wife. If there is a huge age gap between you and your online girl, she will hardly ever become your wife no matter how much you want it.

Miracles do not happen, and such girls almost never marry older men. They communicate just for communication, gifts, or…money. If you don’t want to become a sponsor for a young lady who will date you just for your money, search for a woman with good inner qualities and in your age gap.

Other ways to find a wife

find me a wife

If you don’t want to look for a spouse online, there are hundreds of other traditional ways. But first, try to find a wife online for free. It is also possible to search on social media or free dating sites. However, you have to be careful while not many people in such places are serious about marriage.

When trying to look on free dating sites, keep in mind that many girls aren’t looking for marriage but just for fun. There are also many scammers on such sites as well as many fake profiles, so you have to be especially careful.

There are a lot of ways to find your wife apart from looking online. Thus, if you don’t know how to find a good wife, you should expand your horizons and recall your interests. You may even find some new hobbies for that. Here are a couple of ideas.

Date women at work

If you are a busy professional, it might be really difficult for you to find time for dating. Dating colleagues can be a good option. These women might understand your work and schedule very well, so you will have no problems with adjusting your time and work to dates.

However, you should avoid dating people from your team, for example, your employees. It will be easier for you to avoid various rumors at work. It can be also considered harassment, so be careful with dating your employees or people you manage. It is better to date your colleagues who are not under your management.

Find hobbies

It’s a great idea to find new interests or hobbies if you want to find a wife. If you have never attended the gym, it might be the right time to start doing it. There are so many single women in gyms and sports clubs who have the same goal — find a husband.

Modern gyms are one of the best places to meet women for dating and marriage. This is not the only option, though. You can join some clubs of interest, such as drawing, dancing, etc. There are many women in salsa classes, for example.

Hiking, cycling, jogging, Latina dances — there are multiple options that might help you find a good wife. You just don’t need to wait for them on the couch but act and search in the right places.

Common friends and volunteering

«Find me a wife» — this is what you can ask any of your friends to do. If you don’t date women often, you definitely have friends. Your friends also have friends, mates, and colleagues you don’t know yet. After all, meeting through common friends remains the most common way of finding spouses.

Volunteering can be a great option also. Some good things you can do unite many people, including men and women. Lots of happy couples have met during various volunteering events. You might have not much time for this, however, spending at least an hour per week doing something good or charity may bring you a great bonus — a good wife.

People often meet in such places and you can do it also. If you are a believer, it will be much easier for you to find a wife when attending your church. Your soulmate can wait for you anywhere, you just need not be lazy and be able to see her.

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