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Top secrets of dating an American girl

American girls are not only free and independent but also desired by many men on different continents. Dating a native American woman is tough for American men but it is very appealing for foreigners. Their spirit and independence are magnificent and they attract men from other cultures a lot.

There are plenty of American dating sites where you can meet girls for a relationship. However, American dating culture is specific and girls don’t accept the very first man who sends a message. They are quite picky and without knowing certain secrets, you won’t be able to succeed.

They are high maintenance

This is what the whole world and, especially American guys, say about American girls. They believe dating native American women is expensive. We would love to dispel that myth because dating is always expensive no matter who you date and where she comes from.

Women need to be taken out and treated well and they do not want to be taken to McDonald’s only. They want fancy places, otherwise, why would they date you. American girls are really high maintenance and they require a lot.

It doesn’t mean these women are gold-diggers, though. They just don’t want to waste their time on guys who have nothing to offer to them and you cannot judge them for that. When we want to date, we all search for the best and most convenient options. You want to date only the most stunning and beautiful girls and don’t pick the first one who offered to go out, so why can’t they be picky either?

American girls are elegant

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Unlike what the whole world says, native American women are very elegant. A lot of British and Irish guys who dated American girls mention that this was just a stereotype that British girls were more well-mannered than American females.

They mention that all girls in America they had dates with were very elegant and well-mannered and, unlike many girls in Great Britain, they cared about what people thought of them and always behaved well in public.

American girls do care about their appearances a lot and spend a vast amount of money on it. Although many local men complain about them being not feminine, rude, and not well-cared, many of them are not like that still. If you walk the streets of the big cities, you can see a lot of slim, beautiful, and very stylish women.

They are very straightforward

You might not know it but girls in America don’t talk a lot to their parents about their dates, and especially intimate life. You could notice that on a date. When their parents call them and ask about where they are and what they are doing, these girls often just lie and don’t tell where and with who they are.

They might be somehow afraid of their parents or feel ashamed to tell them about the dates. It doesn’t concern you, though. When they are face-to-face with their men, they are very straightforward and are not afraid to tell you about their needs and wants.

Your dates are never awkward because the girls are not reserved and behave as if they have known you for ages. They are not afraid, embarrassed, and can easily offer you to spend a night together, unlike women in other countries. This is what foreigners love about American women.

American girls know how to have fun

This is a great part of dating a native American woman. They love having fun and are not conservative. You will never get bored on your dates and this is wonderful. Don’t expect her to just sit and eat her dinner. Your dates will look more like a party.

They are not boring and it’s fun to spend time with the girls from America. Lots of guys come to the USA exactly for that. Many foreigners are excited about how American girls behave on dates and how easy everything is with them.

How to date an American girl

american dating culture

American dating culture is surely different from that in other countries. Dating cultures are different everywhere and this is what makes us excited to date people from other countries and continents. If everything was the same in each corner of the world, people would get bored quickly.

Even though American girls seem to be so free in everything, they still care about many things and you should avoid many things when dating them. They don’t forgive mistakes, so don’t make them. Here are some peculiarities of American dating culture you should always keep in mind.

Don’t abuse alcohol on your dates

If you come from a country where girls and guys used to drink a lot on dates, forget about that rule when dating an American woman. In many parts of the globe, people meet in pubs, bars, and nightclubs for their dates. Even if you go there in America, you might just have a cup of coffee and nothing more.

Moreover, a Native American woman might be disgusted by seeing you drunk, especially on your first date, so you’d better know your measure well. Drinking on dates is not normal for women in America and they don’t like it when men do it.

Offer to pay

Although we all used to believe American girls are feminists and too independent to accept a man to pay the dating bills, they still expect you to offer that. If you do, most girls will happily accept it. If you don’t, you can hardly count on a second date with her.

Yes, you know that an American girl will easily share the bill and will be proud to pay for herself. However, she does expect you to offer to pay. It is a sort of a check. She wants to see whether you can be a gentleman or not. If not, she will hardly pick you for the next date.

Think of a dating activity

Be a bit creative while American girls do not always want to go to bars or pubs for their dates. Meeting once or twice in a café is ok but you cannot do it all the time. Women in any country need diversity and not alcoholic drinks.

For example, you can attend an exhibition, concert, museum, gallery, art show, and whatever you can come up with. Be creative and turn your imagination on. You cannot have one and the same dates all the time, so make sure to bring some joy into it. It will be much appreciated.

How to date on American dating sites

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You might be surprised, but lots of American girls pick dating sites for meeting their boyfriends. Of course, not all of them look for dating or marriage there, some of them look for hookups and just for fun. Still, you can find a really good woman on one of the free American dating sites.

Remember that free dating sites are full of ghost and fake profiles. You cannot meet many scammers among American girls but there are some gold-diggers, so when searching on free sites, it’s necessary to be especially careful.

Create a good profile

Before trying to impress a woman through a free American dating site, you should take care of your profile. Make sure to provide up to date information, be honest, and post a true photo of yourself. Lots of guys adore posting pictures of actors or cars instead of their own. It will not help you find a girl while no one wants to deal with the guys having fake photos in their profiles.

It makes an impression of a lie from the very beginning and you should not start your acquaintance on an American dating site with a lie. Be genuine in your description also. Do not state fake age or name, avoid posting old photos either. It all will not make a good impression on women.

Don’t get stuck

Looking for an American girlfriend on a dating site is great and can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget you are looking for a real woman to date. You want to go out, have dinners, go to the cinema, and do all those things couples normally do. It is difficult to do that if you find yourself stuck on a dating site.

Lots of guys start because of just being curious and end up being addicted to virtual correspondence. This is not your goal and you should remember it. Once you think you found a more or less good American girl, ask her out without procrastination. If you are rejected, don’t be offended or depressed, just accept it and move forward. There are thousands of other girls who are waiting for your invitation.

Native American women prefer men of actions and not words. They are happy to meet in person and go out with you, so they don’t need your endless messages that lead nowhere. Make a pleasure to a girl and ask her out the soonest if you don’t want to become an endless virtual dater.

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