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Mindful dating: responsibility and commitment

Such relationships are about awareness of choice. Relationships in which partners know why they are together, what needs each of them can realize in these relationships are the description of mindful dating. When people meet each other and understand what they want to obtain, what they can give. When people are responsible for their deeds, decisions, and attitudes towards a partner, they can try to find someone who shares their opinion and interests using special dating sites

For some people, it is not so easy to take such responsibility for relationships. Most of them think that they are in love, they are dating, but they aren’t willing to hear if they are guilty. It’s easier to say that everything is not your fault or just don’t care about problems and watch your relationship collapse. Before starting to date, partners inspect each other trying to get closer and reach a deeper understanding. At this stage, it is necessary to notice all the advantages and disadvantages of a potential partner. Then you should assess your capabilities — this is one of the conditions for mindful relationships. Thus, you should not worry about disappointments, resentments, unjustified expectations. 

Peculiarities you should take into consideration

It doesn’t seem real to reach something you know nothing about. Regarding our topic, knowledge is the most powerful ally of yours. This is closely connected with psychology, which means you have to analyze, change tactics, and be ready for different situations. Make the first step and try to understand the basics of a mindful state:

  • Each of the partners is an independent personality and both of them agree with that. For example, you are fond of traveling, visiting new countries, meeting new people, but your girlfriend or boyfriend is not. He or she is a homebody and likes cooking or some other calm entertainment. In this case, you are okay with spending time separately and it’s convenient for both of you because this is your choice.
  • Giving and receiving support in every situation. In such relationships, you always remember that you are loved no matter how you feel: happy or sad, right or wrong. The person you love will support you even if you hate the whole world or vice versa. Your partner will focus on helping you, comforting you, and showing that he or she cares. You must be ready to do the same.
  • In this type of relationship, partners are supposed to try to develop together. When two people in a relationship develop unevenly, someone does not develop at all, or one suppresses the personal growth of the other, it’s getting hard to keep dating comfortably. Finally, people have nothing to discuss or it’s getting boring. When you and your partner are at different levels, you have fewer and fewer points of contact, different interests, different views.
  • It’s fine to feel sadness, resentment, anger, insecurity as much as happiness and peace in mindful dating. Each person must express their feelings and emotions. When you can do it safely and comfortably, then you want to date.

How can online services help you?

mindful dating site

Is it easy to become a person who can handle all these challenges? It’s definitely not, it takes a lot of time and energy. Is it easy to find a person who thinks the same? It’s even harder because you never know what kind of person you’ve met until you spend enough time with this person. Even if it requires 1 hour to realize whether you are compatible or not, you will have to spend months or years to find the one you need. Besides, where will you search for them? These problems can be solved with the help of dating platforms, and here’s why:

  • They don’t have limits. While you are limited by your finances, social circle, and other circumstances, the internet gathers people from the most far-away locations. This opportunity is magic, you can get to know about new things from new people.
  • These sites are free to use. It’s not obligatory to purchase features to be able to use a site. Love shouldn’t be bought. But if you ever want to thank developers, you can buy premium functions and get more advantages!
  • Exactly what you need. Such services gather people that share your beliefs and aims. You don’t have to guess whether a person you are talking to wants to build a mindful relationship or not — you know it already.
  • You can be yourself. In real life, it’s much more difficult to not use various behavior models for different situations and people. The internet depersonalizes communication a bit, which makes it possible to feel free and be who you are without any masks. A large like-minded community can show that there is always someone in the world who loves everything about you, including things you hate about yourself.

Getting started

Become a member of a site by completing registration. This step is pretty simple, and you will go through it quickly. The next one is more curious and important because here is where your mindfulness is going to be checked for the first time. But sometimes these steps are combined into one procedure. Anyway, you have to complete your profile page. Answer dozens of questions, specify your physical attributes, describe your personality, set up your preferences, tell about your hobbies, and many other things. You will also have to upload at least one photo and write a short description/introduction if you want to.
What comes to the challenge, it’s pretty crucial how well you can fill in your personal page. Do you consider it essential for you? Do you realize how everything works? This information is necessary for different needs. First of all, it’s the shortest and the most efficient way to understand you. People browse your page, read facts about you, and form their attitudes towards you. It is also important to create full profiles to allow the search to work properly. If you want to find the partner of your dream, you should respect some rules. 

The search

This tool is the most valuable thing on the site, it provides you with the possibility to exclude those members who don’t suit you and keep only suitable partners. The point is that you can’t do it manually, the number of members is too big, and you would spend your whole life trying to understand who meets your preferences here. 

The algorithm of work of the search function is based on a standard filter system. You can apply various filters to create an image of the ideal partner. The machine will scan all members to see who meets set parameters. This allows you to increase the compatibility level up to 100%, which is very important for serious relationships. 

Nothing can stop you

meet mindful dating

What else can help you with this question? The possibility to use the platform on your mobile devices. You can open the mobile version of the site using a smartphone or tablet to have all the functions with you, wherever you are. This is convenient and simple because you don’t need to download any additional app — a standard mobile browser is enough. This means that it doesn’t matter if you use an Android device or an iOS device.

The interface of the mobile version is well-structured and easy to use. The majority of people prefer mobile use, and they explain it by the multi-functional possibilities of smartphones today. You can communicate with people using messengers, make audio/video calls, pay with your phone, buy goods, and a lot of other everyday duties. A compact gadget is always with you, so you can continue searching for a partner even at work when you have a few-minute break.


Mindful dating online is not so easy sometimes, because you should be able to listen and hear, give and receive, forgive and ask for forgiveness.  But you have to remember that you choose the most right variant for you and your potential partner. Love is not only about romance and happiness. It’s hard work sometimes, responsibility and compromise. Choosing mindful dating online you win a good, filled with love, respecting, and healthy relationship. Set the rules, talk about your desires, create an atmosphere of comfort, be on the same team. Only then can you rely on each other. This way your relationship will not be destroyed by financial problems and setbacks. Wisdom, love, and mindfulness are the keys to good dating. Find everything you need with the help of the online service for people like you. And let your heart tell you what to do, but keep your mind watching it.

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