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Is it easy to find your destiny?

If it was so simple to do it, people would not die from loneliness and suffer so much from depression. Finding out your destiny might be a very troublesome process that requires a lot of time. In other words, you should pass the find your destiny test as well as your match before you decide to connect your fates. Therefore, get ready for multiple challenges and obstacles on your way to finding your destiny in life. However, this entire process might get easier if you follow the next pieces of advice on how to find your destiny. Check them out!

Tips on how to find your destiny:

Tip 1. Choose the proper method.

There are multiple ways of how you might be searching for your love. You might either choose one and use it or combine a few methods to have the results even faster. It might be either online dating, speed dating, social media messaging, dating in a traditional way, and more. Make sure the method is comfortable for you and start looking for the ideal candidate. Do not lose hope and desire to seek just because it did not work at the first attempt. The more you try and do not give up, the sooner you will put a ring on your finger.

Tip 2. Start your relationships.

Just physical attractiveness is not enough for happy relationships. There must be something more than that. For instance, you should become friends. Moreover, you should become best friends with each other. Indeed, it will not be easy, but it is worth it. Some people just do not believe in friendship between a man and woman. However, we do not impose our opinion on you, but just want to give you a great piece of advice. It is always better to build relationships and have intimacy with someone whom you trust and who is more than just a lover. The family should be the final point of every normal relationship. It would be better to live with another person who is both your best friend and lover.

Tip 3. Test it.

how to find your destiny

Every healthy relationship must undergo several test periods. Both of you must test whether your feelings are true and not only emotions that will vanish fast. Therefore, you might argue  or misunderstand each other. If you manage to find the way out, it means that your love took over and you did it. Congratulations if your relationships passed all the trials. However, you should not stop looking for the right partner if it did not work with someone. Everybody makes mistakes. It is impossible to find the ideal partner without making errors. 

Tip 4. Introduce him or her to your friends and family.

The people who love us sometimes know more about us than we do. It would be better to introduce him or her to your family or the closest friend. They will tell you exactly whether it is worth dating this person. However, every normal parent or friend would not impose their opinion on you and let you decide for yourself whether to move on with somebody. Never ignore red flags that are obvious to your friends but not obvious to you since the love might be blind sometimes. Take your time to think. To do that, you might travel to another country to spend some time on your own praying or meditating. Wait until your final decision gets mature.

Tip 5. Spend your vacation with him or her.

It would be perfect to spend your vacations with the person you like. It is the best time to check out whether your feelings are true. You might travel to another country and see who your prospective partner really is. In such cases, the person might open up and you will see them without pretending. Ask yourself whether you want to spend the rest of your life with a person like that. If your answer is negative, feel free to break up your relationships, but do it in a gentle manner, not to hurt another person. 

Tip 6. Spend a few months separately.

Many psychologists recommend spending some period of time separately from each other to test your feelings. If it is real love, your feelings will get stronger, if it is not you will soon lose interest in this person. Sometimes, it might be difficult to analyze who this person really is if you spend too much time together. So you may leave the country and stop messaging him or her for a specific period of time. Our congratulations if your feelings became even stronger, so it is time to think about further steps.

Tip 7. Check if it is love.  

It might not be easy for you to do that, though, but you should check out the following criteria. First of all, make sure the person does not want to prove something to someone using you. For instance, they might want to take revenge on their ex-partner by dating you. Stay away from a man or woman who constantly compares you with their ex because they will never love you for who you are. If a person is too jealous and does not trust you, you would better stop with them at this point. Do not move on with people who don’t love themselves because if a person can’t love and respect themselves, why would he or she love you?

Tip 8. Stop and wait.

Physical intimacy is absolutely okay, but okay in marriage. If two people start to have sex with each other before they get to know each other well, their relationships may have no future. In other words, you should pay more attention and effort to the basis of your relationships. Indeed, no one would see it, but your marriage will be happy and successful with a firm foundation. Therefore, it would be better to resist the temptation to live together before you get mature enough to have a legal union.

Tip 9. Is there any chemistry?

find your destiny test

Platonic love is okay, but marriage was designed not only for friendship. If a man and woman are healthy, it is normal for them to have sex and give birth to their kids. If there is no chemistry between you at the initial steps of your relationships, or in other words, you do not want him or her, or they do not want you, you should stop your relationships right on the spot. You will never enjoy having intimacy with a man or woman you do not like and want. Therefore, you will never be happy if you ignore your intuition and chemistry between you. To test whether there is chemistry between you, you should touch another person. Ask yourself how you feel about it. Do you want to experience more of that?

Tip 10. Trust your gut.

If everything is fine with your match and it seems to you that he or she is a good guy or lady, but you feel that slight feeling of something wrong approaching, take a pause to analyze your feelings. Sometimes, it might be your intuition warning you not to make the biggest mistake in your life and marry the wrong person. Trust your gut before you make the final verdict about someone, however, note that it is never too late to run from the wedding ceremony if everything goes so sophisticated and seems frightening. 

Is it worth looking for a destiny or there is no such thing as a destiny?

On the one hand, each person has a destiny or a plan that was created by God to arrange one’s life. On the other hand, we are free to be directors of our lives and decide which road to go. You might select this or that way, and that means your destiny is ruled by you, not any other mystical powers. However, you might also trust God and choose His will to your life, if you trust in Him. Everything depends on your faith and beliefs. Looking for destiny is important if you prefer the idea that you can create your life by yourself. 

The bottom line

The rule of a thumb is that you would better keep being active when looking for your destiny. No pain, no gain, as the saying goes. It is impossible to get the fruits or vegetables if you do not sow a seed. For instance, you might set a habit to view every day each new profile on a dating site. If you do it regularly, you will find your destiny much quicker. No matter whether it works or not, you might get to know yourself and things you want even thanks to the bad experience. Be grateful for both good and bad points and open up your heart for new opportunities and love. Love might come unexpectedly, so you would rather be ready to meet it adequately.

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