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Are being a single mom and dating compatible?

Everyone deserves and has a right to be happy, why shouldn’t a single mom want to be happy? However, it might not be that easy to find a partner if you are a single mom. Therefore, you will need some tricks to draw the attention of your potential husband and daddy for your little kid. Let’s review the main tips for dating as a single mom.

Dating as a young single mom tips:

Tip 1. Never hide the fact that you have a baby.

Dating as a single mom with a toddler might sound impossible because most men are scared if they figure out that you have a baby from someone else. However, such men are never worth your attention because they will never love you the way you are if they do not accept you together with a child. Be straightforward about telling the prospective partner that you have a kid. Thumbs up if he does not mind it.

Tip 2. Hang out together.

Being a single mom supposes you to spend a lot of time with your kids. However, why not date as a young single mom with a man and your kid? We guess it might be such an exciting experience, especially, if your partner manages to find a common language with your child. At the end of the date when you come back home, you might ask your child whether they liked the company of a specific guy. If they say that they enjoyed it and are looking forward to more of such events, feel free to open up your heart to that man because he might be a perfect father to your kids.

Tip 3. Ask him about his feelings.

dating as a single mom

Ideally, your potential partner must be a perfect father to your kid and husband to you. It is not very easy to find such a person, so you should value people who like both you and your kid. If you spent some time together, feel free to ask your partner how he feels about your kid. Does he want to hang out more with him or her? He must be honest with you, so encourage him to open up his heart to you and to face the truth the way it is. It is always better and wiser to prevent something wrong than to be inattentive and ignore red flags.

Tip 4. Introduce him to your friends and parents.

Sometimes and even often our friends and family members know us better than we do. To see the truth the way it is, we recommend you introduce your man to your family or/and friends. Leave him with them for some time alone and ask them their opinion about him. Note that sometimes the truth might be ugly, but it is better to face the reality at the initial steps than to suffer in the aftermath. If the atmosphere is terrible when your family and friends ask him some questions and he seems to be nervous, take your time to decide and analyze whether to move on with him.

Tip 5. Slow down.

One of the best dating as a single mom relationship pieces of advice is not to let him into your bed before you decide to marry. Do you want to be a single mom twice if you get pregnant? We do not think that you really want to make the same mistakes one more time. Be wise and smart, not letting him closer than he is supposed to be. If a man is looking just to take advantage of you, he will soon show his intentions. Many men think that if you are a single mom,you will let him have sex with you much easier. However, you should be strict enough and confident to refuse him, if he is a man like that. 

Tip 6. Do not give him your financial data.

There are many benefits of dating a single mom, and some men might try to take advantage of you. For instance, some men think that it is much easier to pretend that they love her and ask a single mom with a toddler to give him money. They believe that a mom might feel sympathy for him and treat him as a child, so he expects to get access to her financial information acting this way. You should never treat a man who pretends to be the person who loves you as a kid because he might use you and leave seriously without a penny. 

Tip 7. Accept his gifts.

Some single moms are against accepting particular presents from men because they think these men just want to buy their feelings. They might do it because of the negative experiences of dating some men in the past. However, the truth is that not all men are tricksters and looking for sex only. It would be better for you as a single mom to open up your heart and let the new love in. Do not hesitate to accept presents and encourage your kids to accept gifts as well. Let a specific man show his love to you and your kid, and build friendship and relationships. 

Tip 8. Tell him that you are serious.

tips for dating a single mom

Every man who is dating you must be clear that you treat him seriously. Do not play games with him, especially, if he plans to marry a woman. You should neither play games with other men trying to make him jealous. There is nothing better than having pure relationships where everyone knows their part. If you really want to have a normal family and marry him, you should get more serious and responsible. Your man must feel that you love him from the bottom of your heart.

Tip 9. Show him your love.

It is normal both to accept love and to show love for every single mom. Perhaps, you might have forgotten how to show your love to someone when you were in previous relationships. However, note that not all men are the same. Therefore, you should prove to him that you love him. Many men love to accept presents, so why not give him a specific gift? It must not always be the most expensive present. All that matters is your attention to him and care. 

Tip 10. Do not compare him to your ex.

You should never try to criticize and compare him with someone you loved in the past because all men are different, even if they look similar. Make him feel like he is your only leader and hero you have never met in your life. Try to ensure him that he is special. Men have their souls and some of them are very touchy even if they look very strong and handsome. They all have emotions and feelings, not just muscles. Let him feel great with you because the man respects the way he feels with you and will continue to date you if he feels awesome with you and the atmosphere is great. 

Can a single mom find real love?

It is never too late to find someone who will love you and whom you will love. You deserve to be happy just because you are a human being. Being a mom does not mean that you should devote all your life to your kid. It is normal for every woman to be with a man and never feel lonely. Your child, also, has a right to have a nice father. So open up your heart and let a new person come into your life. He might make mistakes and have baggage as you do, but he might be a perfect father for your kid and an incredible husband for you. You should never lose an opportunity to find your Mr. Right.  

Isn’t it too late to find a husband for a single mom?

It is never too late to fall in love. No matter how old you are and how many kids you have from previous relationships, you can find the perfect match for you. Every day is a new chance to find your love. Note that just the fact that you have kids does not mean that you have a heavy burden that is impossible to carry. If you meet a man who will accept and love you with your children, congratulations! Keep in mind that it is never too late to change your life and become finally happy.

Final thoughts

Dating as a single mom might not be very easy because you need to pay attention to your kid and look for the perfect match. However, if you try online dating, you will not need to hire a babysitter to look after your kids while you are dating someone. Also, you should believe in yourself and try to build a friendship with a specific man you meet. This is a firm foundation for every solid relationship in the future. Pluck up your courage and good luck!

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